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The Many Benefits Of Surya Namaskar And Why You Should Practice It Daily Bad reputation is worse than death, they take it very seriously and try to protect their image at all costs. Sun is also the planet which governs Leadership skills of an individual. An Exalted Sun makes an excellent leader of a group. It could mean a politician or a team leader in a call center or in a corporate company, the outcome depends on lots of other things.

How to offer water to Sun God (Lord Surya)

But generally speaking, a position of Good Sun makes a good leader. A good position of a sun indicates gains from Father. This person is more influenced by his father or a fatherly figure in his life. An exalted Sun sometimes gives bad qualities like Arrogance, Vainglory, Excessive pride and Ego to an individual. These people are often seen swimming in ego, especially when the Sun is in conjunction with Jupiter or Rahu or been influenced by them. They also belittle people through words and behavior and consider them more important than they actually are.

If you see the charts of Admirals, colonels, commanders of huge forces, you will see a positive position of both Sun Mars Ketu or some conjunction happening. A conjunction of Sun and Saturn sometimes makes a good sportsman or success in business related to Sports, Entertainment or recreation. A conjunction of Exalted Sun and Venus in the chart of a businessman may indicate bankruptcy or total collapse. This is because Venus is mistress and it is often this mistress which leads to the downfall of the King, which is Sun. So you can see, an Exalted Sun does not always give only positive results.

An exalted Sun may sometimes cause lack of fulfilment of sexual desires. Sun gives aggression and this aggression or ego can become a barrier in romance and emotional relationships. This person is a wild wolf who has the capacity to destroy everything that comes in his way Please note — Not everyone who has an exalted sun in their chart will have all these qualities.

There will be variations, which depends on Nakshatra, current Mahadasha, Antardasha and lot of other possible permutation combinations. But this is a general observation seen in the personality and life of a person with an Exalted Sun in their chart. A debilitated Sun causes lack of enthusiasm, drive, ambitions and energy. These people are forever procrastinating. They seldom execute. They are slow movers. They keep thinking and contemplating.

Role and Importance of Sun:

These people lack courage and confidence. They are fearful. They will think times before making a small decision or choice. A debilitated Sun causes lack of self esteem or self worth. They consider themselves not good enough for something. They undervalue themselves.

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It also makes the individual Dull, lack of enough will power to do something and just letting days pass by. A debilitated Sun causes downfall in reputation, position in society, Job loss, loss in business or some type of debt. It is bound to happen once or twice in life, depending on other aspects in the chart. A debilitated sun may also lead to depression and mental disorders. A debilitated sun does not always give bad results.

Benefits Of Offering Water To Sun Early Morning

It makes a person creative and increases the power of imagination. You will find a debilitated Sun in the chart of famous painters, poets and musicians.

That does not mean it is always for the bad, sometimes it can be for good. A debilitated Sun may lead to bad relations with Father. A debilitated sun makes an unconditional follower. He will do whatever is told and becomes an obedient employee. A debilitated sun is a big barrier in becoming a successful entrepreneur or an independent business owner. He is not courageous and is fearful of crisis and adverse circumstances, hence always sticks to the safest option available.

Although Mercury is the planet which governs business but if Sun is debilitated, it will lower the confidence of a person and he is less likely to succeed in an independent profession. A debilitated sun gives problems related to Heart, eyes and bones. This person will suffer more in case of a disease because his energy levels is low and it will take more time for him to recover, compared to other people.

Never Intimidate the Sun God One should be careful in his behaviours and actions and never intimidate the Sun god. Sun god is intimidated if someone does the following actions Addicted to Alcohol, gambling or women. Speaks lies Is dishonest or corrupt Takes Bribes Speaks ill of others. Is not fearful of God and considers himself too powerful.

Is a glutton Tries to escape Taxes. Always blames others for a situation or circumstances. Insults others and has no control on his speech. Is Lustful towards women and tries to take undue advantage of weak. Stays awake the whole night and sleeps in the day time. Credits money to others and collects interest in return Opens a business and frauds innocent people, takes their money and runs away.

Charges heavy tax or fee for some service which people cannot afford to pay for and exploits the situation because he has a monopoly over it.

Quarrels or argues with Father and is not obedient of elders. Disrespects the teacher or humiliates a Brahmin.

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Eats meat Does not return money or articles he has taken on loan from others. Deprives a child in some way for example child labor, exploitation or some other sort of harassment. There are many remedies you can take but I am sharing the simplest one. If your money is stuck with someone and he is not returning it, worship the Sun God and your money shall return. This is also true for investments in stock markets, mutual funds or online trading. If you are giving government job examinations and not getting success, worship the Sun God. It is virtually equivalent to the Sun traversing six signs of the zodiac to give rise to one 'ayana' of six months and returning through another six signs to give rise to another ayana, thus constituting the Uttaraayana the northerly course and the Dakshinaayana the southerly course.

The completion of a cycle of Uttaraayana and Dakshinaayana brings the Sun back to its original position from where the next solar cycle starts. Even as the apparent movement of the Sun through the zodiac is of importance to astrologers, so also is the practice of the Surya Namaskaara to them. Breathing : Yogic practices lay great stress on regulation of breathing which helps the yogi to gain control over the life force within the body as well as outside.

In Surya Namaskaara the different postures when correctly practised appear rhythmical, one naturally leading to the other. The sequence of breathing, consisting of inhalation, exhalation or retension, has also been advocated as it would most naturally be during the various postures. It requires some extra attention in the beginning to be able to synchronise the breathing with the physical posture. With practice, the sequence of posture and breathing would get integrated and appear natural. Obviously, the best results from the practice of Surya Namaskaara can only be expected when the posture and the breath proceed in harmony.

Incantations or Mantras : Surya Namaskaara is not undertaken merely as a physical exercise though it is eminently qualified to be levelled as the most effective bodily exercise. It is practised with a religio-spiritual intent as well. The propitiation of the Sun is one intent, and the consequent spiritual benefit accuring from a benevolent Sun the other.

Each of the twelve postures of this exercise sequence is associated with a mantra or potentiated incantation. A specific mantra has to be chanted as a specific posture in the sequence is attained.

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Each of the mantras literally is an affirmation salutation to the Sun.