Fomalhaut fixed star astrology

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Star Rigel: Will You Become a Millionaire?

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Fomalhaut In Astrology

RSS Feed. UAC Chicago Joe Polise Blog. Jon Parks Blog. Sun Signs. Brunell Lily Ireland Roger Mock. In any case, Pisces Australis extends from about 15 degrees of Aquarius to 5 degrees of Pisces zodiacally, and Robson connects the constellation to "the transformation of Venus into the shape of a fish while bathing. Yet the Southern Fish is neither the sign nor the constellation Pisces. The mouth of the Fish lies in a part of the sky connected to the waters of life.

The mouth opens toward the water, gesturing a receptiveness to this source of fertility.

The history of the star: Fomalhaut

We can also relate this image to the water that flows from the Aquarius' urn and the dispensation of knowledge. Fomalhaut contributes to the order of the world through creative inspiration. It gives the ability to inspire through the means of ideas and aesthetics, especially music. As a Royal Star, Fomalhaut dictates the need for us to communicate and share our spiritual convictions with others through the finest of expressions. In a natal chart, those who have planets touching Fomalhaut can put these energies to use by some form of artistic or healing service. What emerges are forms that connect the material-spiritual dimensions.

For example, Brady finds "charisma, However, if these qualities become influenced by the nemesis materialism, "all that was gained by the person will be lost.

Royal stars

Yet Fomalhaut people have the strength to overcome their difficulties " Leek had the Sun conjoining Fomalhaut, and in her book My Life in Astrology she recounts her difficult path as a popular occult practitioner and teacher. Fomalhaut combined with her Sun to produce an idealism that manifested in many books on astrology and other subjects like reincarnation, fortune telling, and spell crafting. Early in her career Leek did horoscopes for royals like Aga Khan, but later graduated to heading an astrological consultation service for business people while publishing a successful magazine that helped to promote a widespread interest in astrology during the late sixties.

In these two endeavors Leek used the spiritual-material proclivities of Fomalhaut to teach "succeeding generations.

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Scorpio lies below Ophiuchus, a "snake charmer" famous for healing and exorcism. Lying opposite from Scorpio is Taurus, the Bull which as we have seen represents the ever-renewable life force. For the constellation, as well as for the sign of Scorpio, the scorpion is symbolic of wisdom and also death and self-destruction. Antares is an abbreviation of the "Anti-Ares" which means "Rival of Mars. Following the warlike connotations of Enoch and the Bundahishn, some of Antares' associations have a martial flavor.

For the Persians c. Antares was the Watcher in the West, a pillar of Heaven. Antares corresponds to the Guardian Angel Raphael whose name means "God is a healer. Antares is the component of the divine tetramorph initiating change and the metamorphosis of form life; in this sense its qualities are healing or destructive.

In a natal chart, Antares directs the planets it encounters toward purgation, so that an incisive application of its energy is possible. Antares is the star that initiates one into the mysteries of death and renewal. The older astrologers had dire and frightening things to say about Antares. For instance, Robson lists "malevolence, and destructiveness The intensity and drama of Antares is evident in Nietzsche's articulation of the Ubermensch ideal in Thus Spake Zarathustra. As a "perfected man" the Ubermensch opposed and transcended all that Nietzsche loathed in his culture.

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With Antares' regenerative focus Nietzsche's nihilism sought to re-examine the morality of bourgeois Christianity. Zarathustra is another name for Zoroaster who was a Persian prophet to whom Ahura Mazda revealed the secrets of the universe in seven dreams. Taurus contains both notable stars and star clusters, including the Hyades and Pleiades, as well as the Royal Star, Aldebaran.

Signs and Seasons

During the Age of Taurus cults of the bull were a central form or ritual activity. In Egypt priests regularly selected a special bull to represent Apis, the god of the Underworld. With the death or sacrifice of this bull, the people went into a lengthy period of mourning until the body was entombed and a replacement found. The sacrificed Osiris was another Egyptian character often represented with the head of a bull.

A solar disk between the horns of the bull, Osiris symbolized the power of life over death. In Rome the bull was also a central feature of Mithraism.

Myth, Magic, Moons, Stars….

The fixed star Fomalhaut is positioned at 3º Pisces 52 'in the southern fish. It is situated in its eye and the fish itself, which is found at the foot of. Fixed Star Fomalhaut, Alpha Piscis Austrinus, is a reddish fixed star, the largest star in constellation Piscis Austrinus, the Southern Fish.

The tauroctony, or "bull-slaying scene" depicts a young Mithras killing a bull whose blood falls to the Earth. Mithraic initiates gathered in caves, known as Mithraeums, where the tauroctony scene was sometimes accompanied by pictures of two genii. One genie held an upturned lamp Spring Equinox while the other held a torch pointed straight down Autumn Equinox. Arranged in an arch over the tauroctony were the twelve zodiac signs. All these facts help us to recall why his followers called Mithras "the all-conquering Sun" who symbolized the rebirth of light over darkness.

For Mithrasians this ascent was also a path of moral discipline. Aldebaran means "the Follower" in Arabic as it follows the Pleiades cluster. As Tishtar, the Watcher in the East, Aldebaran was the equinox star c.

Chart dimensions...

Aldebaran is almost exactly opposite Antares in zodiacal longitude and Right Ascension; in fact, certain Mithraic drawings show a scorpion gripping the genitals of a dying bull, "adding castration to the fate of the ritually slain bull of life. Aldebaran stands for the generative force within life itself. It is that aspect of the tetramorph giving rise to form and substance in the order of things. If "thoughts are things," Aldebaran challenges us to consider the quality of our thinking and the words and deeds that issue from our ideas.

Aldebaran will clarify the expression of natal planets by aiding the individual to use the planet's energy along creative, life-enhancing lines.